Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gymnastics, Donuts and Cookies

Girlie participated in her 1st gymnastics meet last Friday.

Her scores were very good.

Everyone received a medal and scoring sheet.

Although there was no mention of 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, et cetera, from the order that the participants' names were called we're pretty sure Girlie placed 2nd.

We are very proud of the ability she is showing in this sport.

The next morning she asked to go to "Christmas" Kreme for breakfast.

It's fun to watch the donuts going down the conveyor .

It's even more fun eating them.

Then we were off to the Williams-Sonoma store.

They've just come out with Super Hero cookie cutters and were hosting an event to raise money for the "No Kid Hungry" program.

Spiderman even made an appearance. Girlie and G5 weren't too excited about him being there so Spidey, being the considerate super hero he is, kept his distance.

Each child could decorate 2 cookies from the collection. G3 did an outstanding decorating job, don't you think?

This Granny and Spidey gave everyone a big "thumbs up"!


  1. Well, Girlie did great!
    That cookie thing looks like fun!

  2. What fun!! I love "Christmas Kreme" SO CUTE!!!

  3. What fun!!!

    Looks like everyone did a great job at their individual entries...


    Keep having fun!!!!

  4. Girlie did great...what a cutie. Sounds like a lovely weekend with the grands.

  5. I love this! Your family will never doubt who loves them. All these sweet memeories...precious.

  6. What an award winning, sweet weekend. Lots going on where you are.

  7. Congratulations Girlie!! So cute, and talented! What a great time. My grandson would have loved visiting Spiderman!!

  8. Looks like you've had a lot of fun being very busy!

  9. Congrats to Girlie! She looks to around four. Am I right? So cute. Spiderman too!

  10. She's so cute!
    I love me some "Christmas" Kreme.
    How cool that they are making hero cookie cutters. My grandones would love those, too.

  11. Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving the recipe for the skunk shampoo! I tried something like that but tomorrow when I give them another bath I will try your recipe!

    I don't know if I ever asked what town you live in but I was born and raised in Anadarko. I live in Ariz now!

    Thanks again!