Sunday, December 13, 2009

You're Invited

to our virtual Christmas Open House.

This was the solution I came up with since I know how busy my blogging friends are and you wouldn't have time to travel here for the real one we hosted this past weekend.

We're so glad you could make it. Please sign our guest book. Thank you!

This is our Christmas tree and our Advent Chair. I bought an old chair several years ago. AD cut out a wooden tree that would just fit the back of it. Decorative tacks were added to the tree and cup hooks were attached to the underside of the seat. I painted the chair and upholstered the seat with a festive Christmas print material. Christmas ornaments meant for small trees were purchased and were hung on the tree. Each day an ornament is moved from the tree to one of the cup hooks.

These 2 Old World Santas are very dear to me. Several years ago one of my managers gave them to me as a Christmas gift. Every year when they are brought out for Christmas it reminds me of what wonderfully special people he and his wife are.

The punch is chilling in the refrigerator and will be put in the bowl in just a few minutes.

Please take a plate and help yourself to all the goodies. There's a cheese log and a dried beef cheese ball with crackers.

There's some Texas caviar and corn chip dip with jalapeno Tostitoes and Fritos.

Here's a plate of tortilla pinwheels and the stuffed jalapenos will be coming out of the oven in just a couple of minutes. The jalapenos usually go pretty fast so if you want one you'll need to get it as soon as they come out of the oven.

In the dining room you'll find divinity, a couple of different Chex mixes, fudge puddles, brownies, jalapeno peanut brittle, regular peanut brittle, and chocolate chip cookies.

There's also chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, hard cinnamon candy, chocolate dipped marshallows, semi-sweet chocolate peanut butter cups, milk chocolate peanut butter cups, Halloween brownies, chocolate caramel brownie thingees, peanut butter cookies and Ranch seasoned crackers. Enjoy!

One last thing to see. One of AD's favorite Christmas movies is A Christmas Story. Son gave AD this Leg Lamp last year for Christmas. Son made it himself. He found the mannequin leg on Ebay and then went looking for the a shoe to fit. He told us he got some strange looks because he had to take the leg with him to try shoes on it. Son went to a lot of trouble but it made for a great Christmas present, a very funny story to be told over and over and a great dining room conversation piece.

We hope you enjoyed yourself today. AD, Smoke, Elliott, Dani, Mikey and this Oklahoma Granny would like to wish each of you and your families a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Thank you for hosting this lovely virtual party. Why is my stomach growling now?! lol

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow! The best holiday party ever.. I am officially drooling over all that food. My favorite thing has to be the leg lamp! What a funny movie! Merry Christmas to your Oklahoma family.

  3. The best part of the virtual party is that I can promise you the goodies are totally CALORIE FREE!

  4. Oh my goodness! I loved this! I so want to come to your house! Oh, and btw, I feel exactly the same about chocolate covered cherries, lol!

    Hmmmm... you've got me thinking. I think I will steal your idea and do the same on my blog (I'll link to you if I do). Maybe we can get some other bloggers to do the same.

  5. Coffee Bean, I'd love to come to a virtual Christmas party at your house. I'll be on the look out for my invitation!

  6. Thanks for the tour......could you send me a plate with everything...??!!


  7. The leg lamp is awesome! We so love that movie! Mr J would be envious for sure. I bet it brings a big smile to the fans of that movie when they see it.

  8. Now THIS is a feast where I'm not saying "No, Thank You" to the wonderful goodies over and over again! (special restricted diet, you know) I love the fact that 1) all that yummy food is calorie free, sodium free, preservative free and 2) I can partake as much as I'd like! Those peanut butter cups and cookies were simply divine!

    Thank you for inviting us along! I love the leg lamp!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  9. Well this was so cool! And I didnt even gain any pounds! Im doing great dontcha think? lol Thanks for the invite how fun!

  10. The food looks great!

  11. Oh my. You outdid yourself with all the food. It ALL looks so wonderful! Looks like I missed a really good time.


  12. Such a lovely party! You have a beautiful home.

  13. This is awesome! Now I'm starving. A Christmas Story is one of my favorite movies (You'll shoot your eye out!) and what a thoughtful son you have!

  14. I cant say Ive ever been to a party such as this!! The food looks WONDERFUL..Oh I wanted to tell you that should you ever want to adopt me I am available...In my next life, I want to live at your house!!!

  15. I enjoyed myself at your party...and I didn't even gain an ounce. Seriously though, how can everything you cook look so good? I am going to show up at your door one day.

  16. Well, THANK YOU! And I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, also!
    Son did a great job on the leg lamp.
    Okay, I've signed the guestbook. My mouth is watering...where's the plates?