Thursday, December 3, 2009

One Cold Day for Senior Pictures!

Yesterday G1 had his Senior pictures taken at 3 in the afternoon. It was a COLD day to have outdoor pictures made! AD said it was around 42 degrees but the wind was blowing straight out of the north at a pretty good clip so I can only imagine what the wind chill was.

Because some of the photos were going to be taken outside I dressed in heavy socks, long underwear, jeans, a turtle neck, a heavy sweater, my heaviest coat and gloves. I wasn't miserably cold but if I'd had on anything less I would have been freezing! I know - I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to cold weather.

The photographer lives in a little town about 30 miles north of us. When I say a little town, I mean it. A welcome sign at the edge of town says, "Population - 404".

A few years ago this same photographer took our family pictures and he does an outstanding job!

This is his house and his studio is out back. You can't really tell from this picture but his front porch would be a perfect spot to take photos of little girls having a tea party - in the Spring or Summer of course! I should ask him if he's ever done that.

I had my camera with me because I wanted to document this special occasion. I was able to snap a quick shot of G1 in the studio while the photographer was busy taking care of another matter.

He has a lot of cool props! There was a white metal bed with a beautiful, sheer canopy over it. I can just imagine having a newborn's picture made on that bed.

A couple other props that caught my eye were a white old fashioned window-looking prop and a faux brick wall.

But he took G1 outside and across a couple of yards to this little, old brick building to get some shots. When we walked around to the front of the building it had the word "Jail" on it. The photographer said that it really was the town jail many years ago.

Not only did he take G1's picture with his hoodie on but he also had G1 take it off for a few photos in just the American Eagle t-shirt he had on. Later I asked G1 how he could stand the cold with only a t-shirt on. G1 just shrugged and said, "Aw, Granny, it's not that cold." Yeah - right!

One of the things we were able to do was haul G1's mini-sprint up with us. This photographer is willing to take photos with just about any prop you are able to bring with you. We have friends whose daughters competed in rodeos. They took their horses with them.

The studio walls are literally filled with photos of young people and their props. There was a photograph taken out in the woods of a young man and his 4-wheeler, one of a young man in the water for a duck-hunting pose, several athletes and their sports equipment, another kid had his fishing rod and was in his waders in the water. There was a beautiful picture of a young lady sitting on some rocks by a waterfall and the water was splashing all around her. Probably my favorite of all was a girl with long blonde hair and her Palomino. They were standing in a field of what appeared to be wheat. Gorgeous colors! Just incredibly unique photographs.

But back to G1's session. AD and Daughter braved the cold while I stayed in the car while these shots were taken.

The proofs should be ready in about a week or so. Daughter and I can't wait to see them. We may have to find Santa and give him a list of the pictures we want for Christmas.


  1. What is it about Oklahoma weather?! We go from Summer to Winter in a blink and then back again!

  2. This is wonderful! How lucky you are to attend such an event with your grandson! Ok--I'm feeling a bit emotional here--must be the season.

    I love the shots you took--I can only imagine how the portraits will turn out! LOL I'm actually excited--like I get to see them! That's how much you pulled me into this post!

    I love it!

  3. I think it's so cool what they do with Senior pics now! Mr J's cousin sent us his daughter's. She was in this beautiful white dress and cowboy boots. Posed along an old wooden fence and prancing in a pasture of wild flowers, the photos were awesome! Can't wait to see G1's pics...

  4. The older I get the more I treasure family photos. When we're young we don't realize how much we'll value them later on. I am so happy you have these great photos of your grandson. I like his blond hair!

  5. Wow that looks like fun.....but I don't like the cold either. I would rather have snow up to my fanny than have it frigid outside. Hope the pics turn out great!

  6. I'm always wimp out when it comes to cold weather too.

    Good thing that I live in Alabama!

    We haven't even had a killing frost yet.

    At least not in my part of the state.

    So glad that you got to go with your grandson for the photo shoot.

    Sweet dreams.

  7. Oh my goodness... you wore long johns when it was 42 degrees??? ROFLMAO!!!

  8. Looks as if there are gonna be some great pictures.
    Definitely too cold for me to be standing around in just a t-shirt!