Friday, December 11, 2009

I Can Only Eat One

Most people call these Chocolate Covered Cherries. When I was a kid we used to call them - in fact AD and I still do - "Cherry Chocolates" and we used to buy Brach's brand. Maybe I'm not looking in the right stores but I am rarely able to find the Brach's brand. I personally think that company uses a better quality chocolate to make theirs. But that's not really here nor there.

AD LOVES cherry chocolates and he usually acquires a few boxes this time of year.

Me - I'm not too much of a fan. I might manage to eat one a year but if I don't get one it is NOT a problem!

I used to love cherry chocolates as much as AD does. Back when I was 3. You wouldn't think I could remember that far back, would you? But those candies bring back one big, bad belly-ache memory.

You see, my younger sister was born on December 20. Back then the new mothers and babies stayed in the hospital for at least a week or so.

My mother loved cherry chocolates and while she was in the hospital lots of family and friends brought her boxes of cherry chocolates. So many that she sent those boxes home with my dad. And back then, those boxes held way more candies than the boxes do now.

Dad hid those boxes from us kids. At least he thought he did. I don't exactly remember this part but from what I've always understood, my older brother and I searched until we found the stash.

And we went on an eating frenzy. For me, I ate so many that it made me really, really sick. That's the part I really remember - the being sick part.

Consequently at Christmas I'd much rather have a candy cane (or "stripety candy" if you listened to John Henry Faulk's Christmas Story) or ribbon candy or even those old fashioned hard Christmas raspberry candies with the jelly stuff in the middle than a cherry chocolate.

Did you ever over dose on a candy?


  1. Did I? Oh yes many many times! Every Halloween I'd be telling God how I would try not to eat so much candy next year if he'd just stop me from throwing up. funny now, it wasn't then.

    I do love chocolate cherries but they are so sweet they can make one sick.

  2. I never developed a fondness for chocolate--not even as a child. My mother insisted for years that I was her chocoholic child which was my sister, not me. So she would fix me five pounds of chocolate fudge every holiday season. *shudders*

    But I have vague memories of eating so much candy that I was sick for a while.

  3. No...never OD'ed!!
    But...Dad bought each one of us a box of cherry chocolates for Christmas every brother and i would see ..who could make it last the longest!!...Mom usually won!!


  4. I love that stripety candy!

  5. I've popped over from Sweetwater Cottage and I'm glad I did! That Christmas story was just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you for pointing us to it.

  6. I just happened to stop by and I must say I truly did enjoy reading your posts.
    I truly enjoyed listening to the John Henry's story. I don't believe that I have ever heard of him.
    Oh my I do remember those Cherry Chocolates!!
    I don't care for them now either for about the same reason I O-DD on them also.
    Hope you stop by as I truly enjoy new friends.
    God Bless

  7. Mu husband and daughter love chocolate-covered cherries! We can only buy them right before Christmas or they would eat a box a day!

  8. I sure have but nothing was worse than sneaking into the chocolate my mom had hidden in the pantry only to find it was baking chocolate ... after shoving the whole bar in my greedy little mouth. GROSS!

  9. Never overdosed on candy, but I do love chocolate....dark chocolate. My husband and his dad were plumbers years ago and did work for Fannie Mae. They were able to buy all of the rejects really cheap and always brought home bags full when they were there. My favorite was always dark chocolate with chocolate inside.

    I also love the chocolate covered cherries. They use to be better when they had a yummy red "juice" in them instead of the cream stuff...but that doesn't stop me from eating them of course!

  10. We used to buy Cherry Chocolates, the Brach's version each year for my Mom for the Holidays. She loved them, I never really understood her affection for them.... I would usually eat the chocolate and spit out the cherry! They were borderline gross to me as a kid - I never understood messing up perfectly good chocolate with the milky filling and dried cherry. Thanks for the memories...I'm so glad I found your blog. xo Julie

  11. My total absolute favorite !! Yummmmm

  12. Yes, sadly it wasn't that long ago! It doesn't take much sugar to get me feelin' yucky anyway. My daughter loves chocolate covered cherries so much, when I bought her small things for Christmas, I would hide them in the bottom of the box.

  13. No, I haven't. But my husband did, on pie. Now, he will not eat pies of any kind.
    At Easter, my oldest son would eat his Easter basket candy and then steal my daughter's candy. He would eat until he made himself sick.

  14. I forgot all about Brach's! You just jogged my memory and now I'm going to be looking.

    Can't wait to see the photo your daughter took of you and your crew...I can just imagine the effort it took. I can also imagine the queen in action!

  15. Maybe I should OD on those so I'm not as addicted to them as I am! :0)