Monday, July 25, 2011

A Special Race

Did you know that last Saturday was National Hot Dog Day?

It was.

At least that's what I read.

A week ago Saturday G1 was asked if he would participate in a 'hot dog race' during intermission this past Saturday night.

I'm not sure if the race was scheduled for National Hot Dog Day or not.

But it was a lot of fun to watch.

G1 running to the table

One driver from each of 4 car classes was asked to participate.

G1 thought he had had an edge over the other guys because his turf car is easier to get into than a full body car. (He goes in through the top of the car.)

So here's what was SUPPOSED to happen. The guys' cars were parked side by side on the front stretch. The drivers were lined up along the fence.

'Eating' the hot dog
When they were told to 'GO!' they were to run to the table, unwrap a hot dog, EAT THE WHOLE THING AND SWALLOW IT, then run to their respective cars,

G2 and a 'judge' helping G1 get buckled in.

get in, BUCKLE IN, put on their helmets and race once around the track.

G2 helping his brother exit his car.

After they got back to the starting point, they had to UNBUCKLE, take off their helmet,

Downing a bottle of water.
run back to the table, DOWN a 16 ounce bottle of water then run to the finish line.

Have you noticed that there was only one other participant in the photos? One of the drivers decided at the last minute not to race. I didn't hear why he chose not to but I'm sure he had a good reason. Like he knew the craziness that might come down?

The 3rd driver in the 53 car didn't even make it into his car before G1 and the driver in the blue fire suit were driving off.

From the looks of this picture, who do you think won the race?

If you guessed G1, you're right!

While the other driver is farther down the track, it was G1 that broke the finish line tape first.

As it turned out the competition turned into a 'no-holds barred' race. I'm not sure if the guys were listening to what was supposed to happen or not. See how G1 is picking his teeth? That's because he still had some hot dog (or bun) in his teeth.

He told me later that he initially took a bite of hot dog and started to chew but then he saw the other guy stuff the whole thing in his mouth and run. So G1 followed suit.

The other guy got into his car and was off before G1 was able to. G1 DID buckle in before he took off. We all wondered how that happened. The mystery was solved when we found out the other driver hadn't actually buckled in.

It wasn't too much of a safety hazard because this was all in fun and after all, there were only 2 cars on the track.

So the other guy got back to the starting point first but G1 was close behind and I wish you could have seen the sliding stop he made. It was pretty cool! Almost a 'Dukes of Hazard' type thing.

So he jumps out with the help of his brother, ran to the table, opened his bottle of water but admits to squeezing the bottle so there was more water gushing out than was actually going into his mouth. After the race was finished I did see one of the ladies at the table pour about 1/3 of the water out of the bottle that the other driver had been drinking out of.

So all things were basically on a level playing field - even though neither of the guys followed the rules. And you've got to remember this was all in fun. Just intermission amusement for the fans.

When it really came down to it the only real advantage G1 had was that the other driver ran the wrong way when trying to get to the finish line. Otherwise I'm sure it would have been a photo finish.

G1 accepting the trophy

Before the race started the announcer asked the guys why they agreed to participate. G1 shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't really know.

My guess is because there was a TROPHY involved. And there's nothing that inspires both G1 and G2 more than a trophy.

The Hot Dog Race was so much fun to watch! I hope they do it again.


  1. Good thing neither one of the boys choked! Sounds like a crazy race, but fun!

  2. How fun! Hot dog race....hahahaha

  3. Love the pictures you captured of them. Congrats on the trophy.
    Have a wonderful week ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Well, all I can say is, I'm glad G1 came out to be the weiner!!!

  5. Congratulations to G1. This looked like a real blast!!

  6. I bet watching all that was hilarious! I love the 50's theme for the next birthday party in Sept. It will be perfect because it is my hubby's and the 50's was his era.

  7. yay G1! looks like it was very entertaining!

  8. It's been a l-o-n-g time since I was at the dirt track. Great photo set.

  9. All in fun! And it sounds like everyone had a lot of fun, even you! Great pics!

  10. That is some wholesome fun with a bit of slapstick thrown in..!!! Congrats on the win!!!

  11. I'll bet there was much laughter in the stands!
    What fun to watch. And I'll bet he had fun, too.
    A memory he'll never forget.

  12. It sure does sound like lots of fun. I am glad that no one choked on the hotdog.
    Congrats to your gs on his trophy however.Hugs.

  13. Maybe the guy who refused to race was a vegetarian. Sounds like a unique and fun day racing.

  14. Good Morning,
    This looks like a whole bunch of fun. Congratuations to your grandson.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ~Natalie

    p.s. Did you know that your setting is on 'noreply commenter'? I didn't know if this was intentional or not? I would love to reply to you when you leave comments on my blog! Just wondering!