Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Photo Shoot

Our daughter has a co-worker who is also a wonderful photographer. Last year he took family photos for us.

Since then, he has wanted to do a photo shoot with Girlie as his subject. Last weekend, we all met up at Woodward Park in Tulsa for Easter photos. It's the perfect place for photos!

Dennis was ok with me bringing my camera along too. The photos you see here are ones that I took. 

Because I kind of like shots like this one.

I should say here that Son brought 4 dresses with him and I took 2. That way Dennis could pick the one(s) he'd like to use.

This is one of the dresses I brought with me and I loved the way it looked on Girlie.

We asked Dennis how he'd like her hair fixed. He didn't care. Girlie asked for 2 piggies. I must confess I was the one that put them in and I certainly didn't do a very good job with the part in her hair!

Her shoes looked great with the dress!

Here's Dennis in action.

Son was the "keeper and carrier" of Girlie's wardrobe. I just had to get this picture!

We walked all over the park. I think Girlie's feet were getting tired.


After an hour and 45 minutes, 4 wardrobe changes and almost 1,000 pictures snapped between Dennis and me, I KNOW she was tired.

I did make sure to bring lots of Easter treats with me though. She deserved them too!


  1. She is so adorable! My favorite dress is the one with the full shirt & big bow in the back!

    By the way, I used a 3M Command hanging hook to hang the water can on my front door. I also use them to hang Christmas stockings. They come off easily and don't damage the surface. Neat thing is they're reuseable. Check it out at


  2. What a cutie. It looks like you got some wonderful photos and memories.
    My GD lives in Tulsa.
    Have a happy Easter.

  3. She is beautiful! I love photo that are taken outdoors. You've got some great natural shots here.
    Looks like a great day..and way to go DAD for being such good support with the wardrobe!

  4. Oh my Lord, how precious is that! And who in the world gives a hoot about that part in her hair! The thing I love are those bruises on her shins!!! lol She's just like our Lily!!!

    Thanks for sharing G!!! I've been hoping to hear from you. I was sure worried about you after all the tornadoes, with some in your corner! Glad to know you're okay!!! The beaches are going to be at Forks and La Push...... I'll be watching!

  5. She is beautiful ... just like her grandmother.
    What lovely pictures of her ... she is stunning.
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Very very cute. Great photos Granny.

  7. Girlie is adorable and I love the shots you took. My daughter likes to get shot like yours. Those are the special ones, not posed, natural. Love Woodward Park, too!

  8. Isn't she just the perfect little model? So sweet and natural for the camera. I bet she was tired!

  9. OMGoodness, she's beautiful and ya'll got some great pictures. The dresses are pretty too. What wonderful memories and a fun day of making them.

  10. What lovely pictures! and what fun must have had!

  11. What wonderful photos of your sweet Girlie!
    Have a Happy Easter,

  12. It's been a year since you introduced your smallest grandson and girlie! Time flies. Girlie is beautiful. I too love the last dress - so feminine. I also love the shot you took of her sitting on the rock in her bare feet.

    Have a wonderful Easter.

  13. All of the photos are so beautiful!!! She is a doll!

  14. Darling girl, darling phots. Love the pig tails. Love the juxtaposition of pigtails and a fancy dress...wonderful.

  15. What a precious little girl. I'll be she was tired at the end, but so worth it, you got some beautiful shots. Have a Happy Easter.

  16. What precious memories...The pig tails are perfect!!

    Your pictures are just wonderful.

  17. Awww, I love that last photo...yes, she looks tired but also very peaceful!
    She is a gorgeous little girl and you did a fine job on her hair; it's all part of the moment!
    Happy Easter!
    PS...I also liked the one with the frilly dress you brought of her back to the camera...

  18. Beautiful pictures but with a cutie like her, I'm sure all pictures she has taken of herself are beautiful.

    Happy Easter.

  19. Howdy
    OMG !!!!!!!! Girlie is gorgeous .
    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos with us. They are all fabulous images .
    I am glad you took the picture of father and daughter from the back that is really cool.
    I must say I love her princess dress with the sweet bow in back.
    May your Easter weekend be filled with blessings.
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails

  20. Love the dress.

    And the pig tails.

    Love the one where her hand is close to her mouth, and she's looking off into the distance.

    She's a beautiful child.

    You didn't need the photographer. The pics that you took are fabulous!

    Blessings this Easter weekend.

    Sweet dreams.

  21. Happy Easter Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share today. I love them all, and each dress is just adorable and SO precious. I love the pig tails. Nobody said a part has to be perfect. Heck, I used to use my fingernail to part with, and I found it worked quite well. No rules on that one my friend.

    What a trooper to be all over that park, and still have a sweet smile and a perfect little face. I loved the picture of her and her Dad best of all, hand in hand walking, as he carried her little dresses. That one just stole my heart. Absolutely PRICELESS.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter day. Many hugs sweetie and SO much love, Sherry

  22. Tat is a darling Easter post of that precious child. She is so cute and very photogenic.

  23. Those pictures are adorable!! What a cutie!

  24. Gorgeous pics, love the pig tails- and she is just adorable!

  25. And she is so photogenic!
    She's a beautiful little one.