Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Time at TMS (Texas Motor Speedway)

G2 in his new fire suit

On Sunday, February 27, G2 climbed into his new 'ride' for the very first time. He'd never driven a Sport Mod before (also known as a 'Limited' Modified as I have since found out.) He took it around Outlaw Speedway a couple of times that day.

Last Thursday we all headed for TMS near Fort Worth for the 'Texas World Dirt Track Championship' races.

Thursday night he took the car around the track a few times and had fun throwing a little mud.

Mud! This is only a little of what was scraped off from underneath the car. (And his Granny brought a small piece of it home thinking she'll find a way to put it on a scrapbook page. LOL!)

G2's fans in the stands (that's me on the very left.)
Friday night was hot laps, a heat race to see where he would start in the A-qualifier, and then the A-qualifier race.

He finished 3rd in his heat and everyone was pumped!

The weather changed radically after his heat race (we actually felt the wind change and it immediately got COLD). That caused the track to change which meant G2's car didn't have the right set up and he finished 16th in the A-qualifier.

Only the top 7 cars were locked into Sunday night's A feature meaning that G2 would have to race in a B-qualifier on Sunday to see if he'd make it into the A feature race.

 If he finished in the top 3, he would transfer up and be able to race in the A feature.

On Sunday night he led the B-qualifier race for several laps but fell back just a smidge. He did finish 3rd though and transferred to the A-feature. That meant he would race with the best of the best.

He was a very happy young man!

Again the track changed a bit by the time the A feature rolled around (not due to weather this time though. I still can't believe how cold it was!) and again his car didn't have the right set up. Just one of those racin' things but they're learning all the time. Still G2 finished 18th. Not bad for a 16 year old kid who'd only been in the car a handful of times.

His mom was pretty proud of him - just like we all were! We're excited to see what the new season has in store for G2. With a little more practice we're pretty sure he'll be "tearin' up the tracks" in a few states.

PS. I forgot to mention that there were 93 pre-registered Sport Mods for the races. I'm not sure if any more showed up or not. Like I said, 18th out of 93 isn't bad though!


  1. Yeah! He is one happy looking kid! I'm sure everyone was quite excited for him! First time in a new car! Amazing! I, for one, cannot get in a strange car and just take off, let alone race! Big pat on the back for a super driver!

    UM.... what are his regular insurance rates? :-)

  2. No 18th out of 93 is fantastic!!!

    Congratulations G2!

  3. Quite an accomplishment! He's on his way to the big-time, I"m sure.

  4. Sounds like he did a great job! I think that is very good for his first time out...and he is only 16? That is GREAT!

  5. Way to Go Go Go G2!!! That's something for all of you to really be proud of! It definitely shows how a family sticking together and caring about the activities of the young people in it can really make a difference I think!!!

    Next year the sky could be the limit!!! Then ~ NASCAR?

    Granny, you be sure to show us all that muddy page when you get it done!!!

  6. What a nice looking young man! And such talent. He looks just like his Mom.

  7. wow, that is great! He sure looks happy in those pictures!

  8. Good for G2...and what a super photo of him...very cute! or excuse me, 'handsome' :)
    My son would love that...he likes Nascar and the speed of it all...thanks for sharing!

  9. Great looking kid.He did very well.

  10. Great job G2! I want to see that scrap book page when you're finished!

    Your Friend,