Monday, November 1, 2010

Enduro Race and Demo Derby

I mentioned yesterday that we missed the big Neewollah parade because G1 and G2 were going to participate in the last Enduro race of the season on Saturday. It was a 200-lap race and the boys didn't fair as well as they did the last time.

This is the car G2 raced. It lasted for 128 laps.

Since the race was the day before Halloween, drivers could "dress" their cars up if they wanted too. This was G1's car. It's the same one he raced the last time, just painted like a patrol car. One of his friends had some old lights they he borrowed. They really worked. Too bad the car didn't work as well.

It only lasted 6 laps and died. G1 managed to get it up to the top of the track. Some of the other drivers evidently couldn't see it even though the lights were still running. G1 got hit 4 times from behind before they stopped the race and pulled him off the track.

This is how the car looked after we got it back up on the trailer. It almost looks like it was in the demo derby that was after the Enduro race.

These are some pictures from the demo derby.

It was pretty dusty.

I really wasn't as close as these pictures appear. I was using my zoom lens.

This car was NOT on fire.

It was a fun day. The only thing that's left of this race season is the banquet next weekend.


  1. Reminds me of driving on the interstate! Glad the boys ended the season with a bang!

  2. Then, you can use the whole winter to "scrap" it!!

  3. Great pics and I'm sorry that the cars didn't make it. You should think about become a NASCAR Granny.

  4. Looks like a nail-biter spectator event to me! :) I get nervous when my grands try to put the kiddie car on the slide to the swing set (it fits perfectly and the slide has sides)...I'm a worry-wart!

  5. I know you hate to see the season come to a close.

  6. cough cough..
    if I was a granny watching this..
    hack hack..
    i'd be glad it was over and everyone was in one piece!!!!!

    You're a braver spirit than me G!!!

  7. nice to be a support and fan of your grandsons. Getting hit 4 times? yikes! I guess that is normal for these races and the boys were ok!

  8. Oh no, sorry the cars didn't make the 200 laps. I'm sure the boys were disappointed.
    But they got to hang out anyway.
    I know you are ready for a nice winter's rest.
    My son is wanting to race dirt track. I'm not so excited about the idea.**sigh**

  9. I'm not sure I could enjoy sitting there watching a smash up derby. I would just be thinking about all the money spent on them to just be demolished! LOL

    Happy Hump Day!

  10. My kids would so love this!!!

  11. Oh I love derbys!!! so much fun, we brought a friend once...she isn't the derby type. She tried to hold her little program up to keep the mud off her nice clothes and pearls!LOL

  12. I have never been to one of these but my boys would have loved this.