Sunday, October 17, 2010

Equal Time

This past Friday and Saturday night, the local dirt track had their "End of the Season Blowout." It's the one that G1 opted not to race in. But as 2010 Points Champion for the mini-sprint class, he was asked to carry the flag during the opening.

But this post about G2. Gotta give him equal time. It's only fair.

The first night of racing was qualifying for Saturday's races. AD went but I stayed home. (Too much to do.) G2 won his race and so he started on the pole for Saturday's race. (They didn't invert the field this weekend.)

Starting on the pole, I thought the chances of G2's placing anywhere but first were slim and none. And I was right. He burned that track up!

So he celebrated on the infield with a burnout. Personally, I would call it a dust-out.

G2's in the middle of all that dust somewhere. I wonder how he could breathe. I'll have to ask him.

The car that you see in the picture is one of the other drivers. He's just 2 or 3 years younger than me.

And here's G2 getting his photo taken with his trophy.

Next week there are special races as a memorial to one of the local racers from back in my day. Both the boys will be racing but I won't be there. AD will. I'm headed to OKC for Girlie's 4th birthday party.


  1. I'm such a "safety freak" this would make me a nervous wreck! ;) I can't imagine, though, anything that a boy would love more. Very exciting!

  2. What a fun honor for G1, and congrats to G2. Safe travels to you whn you head out for the birthday. Have a blessed week!

  3. Deb, It makes me pretty nervous when the boys are racing. I pray the morning of the race, when we're headed to the race, and constantly from the time they take the track until the race completed and they're back in their pit. They do take every safety precaution - helmets, HANS devices, firesuits and shoes, full containment seats and 5-point seatbelts.

  4. You are a good mom to go out and support your boys. Watching cars go round and round would make me dizzy! Ha.

  5. Congratulations to all the family! I know everyone is excited!

    I see you read my blog so you know it is with happiness that I read your blog today. My other blog friends are sharing my sorrow. Glad for your JOY!!!

  6. Congrats to all involved. It looks like fun.

  7. When I was a teen, we would go to the stock car races in Muskogee every once in a while. It was noisy and loud but fun. Congrats to your grandsons!


  8. Safety measures are a lot more advanced today than 10, 20 years ago. The boys are safe and enjoying themselves, what a rush.