Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 Years Equals a Decade

G3 is 10 years old today. Ten years - a whole decade!

In those ten years, G3 has become a pretty avid reader like his dad. According to Son, lately he has been reading The Last Dragon Chronicles. I've never heard of that series before now.

At any rate, G3 has requested a birthday cake that looks like a stack of books and Son is more than willing to oblige. I'm excited to see the cake although it might be in pictures instead of in real life. I'm sure it will be perfect.

Yesterday G1 and I were at the mall so he could get a haircut - not that he didn't need one or anything - and while he was off doing that I took a walk down the mall to the bookstore. I wanted to see what other kinds of books they had for boys about G3's age.

I came across some of the Hardy Boys' mysteries. Son had mentioned G3 has recently read one of them. Now I, myself, was more of a Nancy Drew person back in the day, but I have read a few of the Hardy Boys' mysteries but it has been sometime ago - like maybe 5 decades or so ago.

The first in the series was The Tower Treasure and the bookstore had it on the shelf. I thought I remembered that one as being one of my favorites and bought it. (Shh - don't tell G3!) So I get home and very gently open the book so as not to crack the spine - that pleasure should be reserved for the owner after all.

I see the name "Applegate" and I'm sure I've got the right one but then I start reading about the story line and it doesn't say anything at all about "gold doubloons and pieces of eight". What?

So then I did a little 'googling' and found that the story I remember was actually Disney's adaptation of the The Tower Treasure. Oh well, so much for my memory. (But wasn't that Tim Consedine just the cutest!)

I hope G3 will enjoy the book even if it doesn't have pirate's treasure in it!

Happy 10th Birthday, G3! Enjoy all the books you read. The love of reading can take you anywhere you want to go.

PS. And for those who can remember back to the Mickey Mouse Club, here's the words to the song that went with the story I remember.

Gold doubloons and pieces of eight,
all belong to Applegate,
from buccaneers,
who fought for years,
for gold doubloons, and pieces of eight.
Handed down in a pirate's chest,
the gold they sailed for east and west,
the treasure bright,
that made men fight,
til none were left
to bury the chest.
So now the gold and pieces of eight,
all belong to Applegate,
the chest is here,
but, wait,
where are all the gold doubloons
and pieces of eight, pieces of eight, pieces of eight.


  1. Happy Birthday to your G-3! Time goes by so quickly, doesn't it? Hope he enjoys all the gifts he receives. It's wonderful that he is an avid reader. That means he will never stop learning new things, long after he is finished with his education.

    Your Friend,

  2. Glad your grandson is an avid reader. Music to a teacher's ears!

  3. Oh Grammy we saw so many Hardy Boy books on Monday at antiques stores. I wish I had known!! Next time!

    I am happy to see a 10 yr old reader!! My oldest was like that. Now at 26 he still loves to read!

    I hope your grandson keeps it up!! It's better than TV any day!

  4. The gift of a book is a gift forever. I hope G3 gets hours of enjoyment from it and passes on to his children and grandchildren.

  5. I still have about 10 of my Nancy Drew books from when I was a girl. So, that would make them about 50 years old! My son also loved the Hardy Boys and we still have his books, too. Glad your grandson loves to read.


  6. I remember the Mickey Mouse Club, but not this particular segment. My brother and I carried on until my sisters had to change the channel from Dick Clark's American Bandstand! On at the same time slot, can you believe it!

    My best to your little reader on his b'day! You have to just love the little guys that enjoy a good book! To quote the great Dr. S, "Oh, the places you'll go."

  7. Happy Birthday G3. Ten whole years....double digits.....better watch out, you'll be 40 before you know it.....hahahahahahahaha Hope you had a great birthday.

  8. Oh my goodness, I can sing that Disney song. It really dates us, doesn't it? Wishing your grandson a happy birthday. So glad to know that there are still children who love to read.

  9. Well Happy Birthday to your grandson. Thats wonderful that he is an avid reader. Wonder if he has read the Hunger Games series. Just finished reading the first 2 books and they aren't all that bad. You know I remember reading Nancy Drew for a short period when I was your GS age but within about 2 years I found Judy Blume books and off I went.

  10. Well, I don't remember the Tower Treasure, but I do remember Tim Considine and "hey there, hi there, ho there, we're as happy as can be... m-i-c k-e-y- mouse...etc." LOL!!!

  11. Happy birthday to G3. He is sure a very nice looking young man.
    I used to read the Nancy Drew books also I just loved them.
    My #1 gd loves to read also.

  12. OK Granny, I want to friend you on facebook, but I can't find your badge. Help!!!

  13. Happy birthday G3, hey you took me back a few years there, I used to read The Hardy Boys when I was a nipper.

  14. How wonderful that he is a reader! .....and what a handsome young man!