Friday, April 9, 2010

5 Favorite Photos Friday

Here's 5 of my favorite photos from this past week.

You may have seen this one before but I really got a kick out of this photo of G3.

G1 came over this last week to help AD plant a couple of trees. Yea! We have 2 trees now. I think the birds are thanking us too.

This is AD's tractor. There's just something fascinating about an old tractor.

Son and I had a lot of fun decorating these little chick cupcakes for Easter dinner.

The neon food coloring we used for coloring eggs this year turned the eggs vibrant colors (even more so than you can see in the photo.)

Well, this is the end of another week. Hope you have a beautiful weekend where you are.


  1. Next year we are going to have to find the neon colors!!!

    Looks like your grandson is kissing the oven. LOL

  2. I loved the photo of your grandson waiting "patiently" for dessert! Also love your husband's tractor. We have a lot of trees around the house and you'd be amazed how many different kinds of birds end up here. I always think it must be an oasis to them. (I too am surrounded by open farmland)

    - Deborah

  3. I had a hard time picking a favorite photo. They all tell a story. The Oklahoma landscape is just breath taking! What a view you have every day.......


  4. Great pictures. I love ovens too!

  5. Love the grandson waiting for something delish!!
    We had a surprise snow storm yesterday about a foot of snow fell...........sigh.....

  6. Those grandkids are something else arent they?!!Love the pictures...Yes I want my own tractor...I really do..
    What kind of trees did you plant?
    The cupcakes are really adorable too.

    And also..those are about the most vibrant colored eggs ever!!! Great job!!!!!

    Thank you for your prayers for Emma..I could feel that she had many saying prayers for her. Thank you

  7. I love your blog! Hugs From Italy! ;)

  8. I loved seeing the pictures! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. I love the one of your grandson looking in the oven!

  10. Fun pictures. I like the cupcakes. Hope you had a nice Easter.

  11. Arby, If I'd only known about Flarp you can be sure the 4 grandsons would have all gotten some. But birthdays are coming and their folks are gonna love me. I'll be sure to mention how I came to know about it too. LOL

  12. there IS something so cool about old tractors. i act all giddy like i've never seen one before....they have character!

  13. Hi Ok Granny ~ Great photos as always. The first one made me laugh!

  14. I'd love a postcard from KS! Yes, that would count. LOL Thanks!

  15. Love your grandson's picture. How cute is that? And those cupcakes are awesome. I'll need to remember those for next year!

  16. Yay, trees! I love big old trees. They fascinate me.
    Those cupcakes are adorable.
    Love the Easter egg colors!