Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This 'n That

It's cold here today. I'm thinking of baking some cookies from a recipe I found on Pinterest.

Do you do Pinterest? It's addictive!


I'm gradually getting our Christmas decorations put out. Usually that's done by now.

On the upside - All the the Christmas gifts we've purchased have been wrapped.

That may not sound like much but it's a BIG deal around here. Christmas Eve usually finds me scrambling around getting everything wrapped and under the tree.


G1 got a new puppy.

Elliott trying to figure out what's up with this pup.

His name is Bassett. You're probably wondering why an English Bulldog is named Bassett. It is kind odd unless you know us.

All of our dogs and Daughter's family's dogs have names related to racing.

It started out with NASCAR names - Elliott, Smoke, Dani (Danica), Mikey, Earnhardt, Kasey and a few others.

Now the names have branched out to car parts - Holley (carburators), Hoosier (tires) and Bassett (wheels).

G1 brought Bassett over the other night to visit for the first time.

I took 61 pictures of the little guy in the span of about 40 minutes. That number even surprised me!

The photo above is one of the few where Bassett was awake.

Most of the time he looked like this.


  1. Basset the Bulldog is a cutie

  2. Cute puppy!!! Love the meaning behind the names. LOL

  3. He is sure a cutie. My brother has one like that him and he is one spoiled pup.
    G1 will enjoy his company that is for sure.

  4. That is a face to love. I want to squish him! Thanks for sharing the origins of the dogs' names. We are considering getting a puppy after the holidays. Scout is lonely without Buster.

    Your Friend,

  5. He looks like I feel! Cute pictures and love the name.

  6. I've heard Pinterest mentioned before - what is it?
    Darling pictures of Bassett. I wouldn't want to put him down.

  7. That puppy is so cute!!

    I do pinterest. I reward my hard work of the day with at least 30 minutes of pinning each night.

  8. Bassett is ADORABLE!
    Love that last shot!!
    The name thing is a great idea. I have a friend who names all of her critters (dogs/cats) after liquor....Tequila, Brandy.....
    And you know I'm addicted, too. LOL

  9. oh my OK Granny, you are just too funny. This really made me smile :)

    and yep, I've been to most all of those places, but I don't really remember.

  10. Oh my goodness, that is one precious pup! I'm hoping you read my latest blog post. Wanted to let you know that the Lego exhibit is back so that your family could see it. But you haven't commented, and I thought I'd try this to get the word to you.