Saturday, October 22, 2011

Someone Might Wonder. . .

. . . where this Oklahoma Granny has been or what she's been up to lately.

Busy is the only word that best describes it. Lots of things going on around our house lately.

One of the most important things was

Girlie's 5th birthday.

Her party was last Saturday (a week ago today) - wow! it's already been a week. The days just seem to be flying by!

Son put together a fabulous 'Fancy Nancy' soire√® (that's a fancy word for party) for his daughter.

It was a spa party and he had some friends help by giving the girls mani/pedi's and doing their 'make-up' and hair.

Then each little girl had her photo made in this little setting. There were acrylic frames for the girls to gussy up - that's not a 'fancy' word. It's an Oklahoma term for decorate them to be really fancy. LOL! Then each of the photos were put into the frames as party favors.

Isn't that Fancy Nancy on the wall cute? It looks like Son painted it on but although he could do that - he's talented that way - it's actually a repositionable sticker. Umm - stickers that all go together and actually look like the wall has been painted. Even up close!

There were lots of goodies for the girls to enjoy. There were chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, dainty little cucumber sandwiches, fruit and yogurt parfaits, DARLING sugar cookies in several shapes, cake pops, Hershey's Kisses, M&Ms, Jelly Bellies and pink punch with raspberries.

It was a fun party and one I'm sure Girlie will never forget.

Because there would be so much going on at the party, Girlie opened our main gifts the night before. Are you familiar with Precious Moments? They have a birthday 'train' set for little girls that is made up of the Disney Princesses. AD and I gave her the first two pieces, the Prince that leads the train followed by Snow White.

Girlie's mom and dad gave her the rest of the set up to age 5.

That was one busy weekend! Besides the party, there were also soccer games to watch the morning of the party. Then I had to leave the party at 4:00pm and drive like a crazy woman to get back home to watch G1 and G2 race that night. I drove straight to the track - no stopping by the house.

Once I finally got home I had a couple of days to rest up before AD and I left on Tuesday and went to Branson for a few days. More on that later.

One last thing. While Son and I were out and about doing errands for the party (did I say I went down a couple of days early to help out?) we tried to go to Nic's Grill for lunch. Wouldn't you just know it - Nic's was closed last week.

So instead, we ate at Smashburger. Have you ever heard of that franchise? Their burgers are great! The one shown above is the Oklahoma. It has fried pickles, pepperjack cheese, haystack onions, lettuce, tomato and buttermilk ranch dressing and comes on an egg bun. There were sweet potato fries too. I just couldn't pass those up and they were delish!

Maybe someday I'll make it to Nic's.

Anyway, I've gotta run. I have to go into town, pick up pictures from the party, get by the bank before it closes at noon, then make it back home just in time to head to a race track that's about and hour or two away. Special races tonight.

Another busy weekend. I will get some pictures posted of our Branson trip here in a few days when things have slowed down some. Like they ever do . . . . sigh.


  1. Awww! Sweet bday celebrations.

    The burger looks good. I may have to look up their location since I'm in Okla.!

  2. Your kid-ling is just adorable & what a soiree! Forget the hamburger, her party sounds more deelish, all those sweets & treats! You betcha!Glad you all had such a grand time.

    Happy birthday sweetie!

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  3. My daughter's old dance teacher is part owner of Nic's. And we've never eaten there either because they aren't open on weekends and we never are in OKC during the week. I really want to though. When it was on DDD it looked fantastic. (her dance teacher was the one making the fries)

  4. A Fancy Nancy Party - heard of those, very cool for the girlies!!! She looks so sweet.

  5. that party sounds like so much fun!!! happy birthday to girlie :)

    mountain mama

  6. You granddaughter is such a beautiful girl. Sounds like a wonderful party for her and her friends.

  7. I told a "Dr." friend about our birthday candles and she commented about how worried we are about germs that we santitize everything and now our immune systems can't handle any basic 'bugs'. She thinks blowing candles out on the cake is a good way to increase that immunity a little bit.

  8. What an awesome party!! Your Granddaughter looks just beautiful. Wow, you have been busy. Looking forward to seeing your Branson pics.

  9. That girlie has the neatest Daddy who has the bestest ideas for parties!!! Hmmm, I think it must run in the family!!!!

    Have a great time in Branson ~ right now!!!

  10. Wow! I can't believe she is 5 already! I remember your post when you took her shopping for a dress. She is such a beautiful little girl. Your son should be a party planner! GREAT JOB! I love the little setting he created to stage photos. Glad you are busy enjoying life.

    Your Friend,

  11. Adorable party ideas! I know they absolutely loved it.
    You are one busy lady!

  12. What a great little girl party. That is wonderful. Your Grandkids are certainly keeping you busy.

    I love Smashburger and I always get the OK Smashburger with a side of fried pickles. Son likes the milkshakes.

    Funny thing is that I've run into a lot of people who don't care for Smashburger at all. I don't get it. I love them.

  13. Whatever vitamins you're taking I want some.

  14. Oh darlin' I late to this fabulous party but please wish that little princess of a girlie a very happy number five for me!!! What a precious little sweetie!

    God bless ya and have yourself a terrific Tuesday!!! :o)