Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas In Branson

Some of you who have been visiting for sometime know that our family loves going to Branson, Missouri.

AD and I had been planning a Christmas trip to Branson for sometime. This past weekend was the one weekend we would be able to make the trip.

Back in the summer G1 and his girlfriend made a trip to Branson with us. G2 wasn't able to go that time so he went with us this weekend.

Since it was just a short weekend trip we didn't take our 5th wheel. Like anyone else I want to stay in a nice, clean place but I just hate spending a lot of money on a hotel - especially since we're just there mainly to sleep.

There are quite a few nice, inexpensive places to stay in Branson but I was able to find a GREAT deal on a 2 night stay at one of the resorts in Branson. And it was cheaper than the place we usually stay when we don't take the trailer!

It had an exercise room which G2 

and AD tried out. Actually, I even tried one of the machines but there aren't any pictures as evidence.

They also had a game room with an air hockey table

a pool table and a Foosball table. (I'm not sure if I spelled that last one quite right.) Since we didn't arrive until later in the evening on Friday, we spent some time in the game room.

G2 was the big winner of the night. He beat AD at both air hockey and pool. I played him a game of pool too and of course, he easily won that too. Umm - in my defense, I haven't played pool in years and years and years.

one of the Dixie Stampede horses

Our original plans were to go to Silver Dollar City on Saturday morning but I really wanted to go to the Dixie Stampede too. They have a wonderful Christmas show with a live Nativity, including camels that the Wisemen ride in on!

Silver Dollar City was going to be open from noon to 9:30pm.

The weatherman predicted COLD weather on Saturday! I called the Dixie Stampede and there was a 12:30 performance and there were still seats available. So we I made the decision to get the tickets and go to the show and then we'd go to Silver Dollar City later. The main reason for me to go to Silver Dollar City was to see the lights anyway and arriving a bit later would be fine.

Photography of any kind is prohibited so there aren't any photos but of course the show was wonderful as always.

If you've been to the Dixie Stampede before you know there's always a friendly competition between the "North" and the "South". At Christmas it's between the "North Pole" and the "South Pole."

We like to sit with the "Southerners" but we had to go with the "Northerners" this time. They were the better seats - not that any of the seats are bad - but these were just closer to the action (on the second row).

(Note to Angela: I didn't notice any bad animal smells.)

Oh, and the North won that friendly competition. Early on it didn't look like we would but the North passed their candy canes quicker in the last competition and we won!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about Silver Dollar City.


  1. What fun! I've not been to SDC during Christmas but I hear it's outstanding!

  2. Ooooh, my daughter's dream is to go to Dixie Stampede. We are for sure going next year.

  3. Fun, fun. I've only seen it on TV.

  4. That sure does sound like a wonderful trip.
    Sorry you lost at pool. I always lost at pool when I played my sons too.
    Can't wait to see more of the trip.

  5. Our son and his family went with friends to the Dixie Stampede a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. We went many years ago in Pigeon Forge, Tn. I was surprised to have to eat dinner with our hands!

  6. sounds like a great trip - and I am guessing you did not spend the night on the Branson Belle? That must of been awful for those folks.

  7. For as long as I've lived in S. Arkansas, I've never been to Branson. My momma used to go all the time. I've love to...maybe this summer!

  8. Rhonda, Nope - we weren't on the Branson Belle. Funny story though. When I was making the hotel arrangements I was given the opportunity to take a cruise on the Branson Belle at a much discounted rate. I thought about it in passing but I really wanted to see the Dixie Stampeded show so I turned it down. I felt so sorry for those poor folks that got stuck! As cold and as windy as it was plus having to sleep on the floor. It might have been an adventure but it's sure not my idea of fun.

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun.
    I've never been to the Dixie Stampede and it doesn't look like I'll go any time soon. They closed down the one at Myrtle Beach, SC.

  10. We always stay in a hotel but have talked about taking the 5th wheel. I so prefer it.