Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bull-Nose Corners

A couple of days ago or so I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Eat, Fart and Bark. She is one busy, talented lady! And she has 3 growing boys (which probably has a lot to do with the name of her blog.) Anyway, they are in the middle of a room remodel. In her last post she mentioned that she used a 'plastic corner bead' in the room and liked how it finished. She also said she now knows what to do with the corner edge in her kitchen, family room, and stairway.

I commented on the post saying that when we built our home we had the corners where walls meet bull-nosed and how well I liked them. (When G1 was just a toddler we were babysitting him and he ran smack dab into one of the corners in our hallway, split his head open and had to have I don't know how many stitches. If that corner had been finished with a bull-nose G1 would have probably only come away with a nasty bump on his forehead.)

Anyway, I got a comment on my last post asking if I'd post some pictures of the bull-nose. I really thought we were talking about the same thing, but maybe not, so here are some pictures. The material that is attached to the corners to give the edge a rounded effect reminds me somewhat of PVC pipe.

Our walls are textured and this is what the corners looked like after the texture was applied.

And this is what it looks like after it was painted.

I also mentioned in my comment the only drawback to the rounded corners is that when there's a corner between two different rooms and the rooms are different colors, one has to have a pretty steady hand (or painters tape) to make a nice line that separates the colors.

You can see what I mean if you look on the left-hand side of the above photo. Our living room is a desert sand color and the breakfast area and kitchen are a shade of green.


  1. i had no idea what they were. thanks for the info. i would never have the stamina to build or remodel a house!

  2. You are so awesome to post so quickly.
    I like those better. I think I'll use that in the hallway. Thank you so much for the pictures. You should advertise for the company that makes bull-nose corner bead. Your pictures were a lot better than the ones I internet searched.

  3. I wish we had bull-nosed corners. Both our sons have them in their homes. A lot of new homes have them.

  4. Great idea! The only corners we have are door facings. I will have to remember this when we get in to a bigger house.

    I love the green color you've chosen..and I'd love to see pics when you have it furnished and decorated too. I need some more ideas...I'm ready for a change!

  5. I will certainly think of you Thursday afternoon and put a stitch or two in for you!
    Isn't it crazy how we run ourselves ragged this time of year?

  6. Well I learned something new today.

  7. We used that same technique when we did some remodeling around here recently.

  8. I love the bullnose corners. If we ever built thats what we would do.