Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break and . . . RAIN

The school kids in this area are on Spring Break this week. . . and the weather forecast is


100% chance today and tomorrow, 70% on Wednesday and 20% on Thursday. Friday is supposed to be cloudy and then sunny on Saturday.

Too bad for the kids - maybe some of them will travel to other places this week where they will have sunnier weather - but the fish in the ponds, rivers and streams in this area are doing a happy dance. Water levels have been so low for so long that the rain is more than welcomed.

Hopefully the amounts that are predicted won't cause flooding.

AD and I mowed for the first time on Saturday, then took the opportunity to plant some bulbs yesterday. AD did the actual planting. I just told him where to plant them and pulled a few weeds that are trying to make their way into the garden.

Next up - putting up some tulle, yes, I said tulle - to try and deter the barn swallows from building their nests under the eaves of the house. Rubber snakes didn't do the trick last year. We have high hopes for the tulle. I'll let you know how it works.

Spring has definitely sprung as they say.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week regardless of the weather in your area.


  1. oh, no! i haven't heard about the amount predicted. we do need the rain, praying for just the right amount ;)

    God bless~

  2. I'm glad we did not plan anything. Noodle is still working on getting well so I'm sort of glad the weather is keeping us in. I don't feel guilty wasting time being inside. This means that there is no excuse for not spring cleaning though!

  3. Yep..spring break time. I have extra dogs! Rain will make it a problem for muddy paws but we know where the mop is.

  4. At least it is not snow, although March snows with the redbuds is about the prettiest thing I've ever seen I think.

  5. We definitely need the rain, sure hope we don't have flooding! I feel bad for the spring breakers who had outdoor activities planned.


  6. We are getting some much needed rain here.
    My gd from OK is here for her break so it will be nice to visit with her.
    Good luck with the tulle on the barn.
    Hugs and have a great day

  7. Wow, that rain is definitely non-stop today. I'm kind of glad my kiddo's are grown and out. They would surely be driving me crazy stuck in the house! Thankfully I got a ton of my garden put in last week!

  8. It always rains during spring break doesn't it. You can always predict it. Oh well, it doesn't bother me. Our backyard looks like a lake has sprung. I might need to learn to swim. LOL

  9. Two weeks ago we had sleet and snow. Last week every day was in the eighties and I played in the dirt wearin' shorts and flippies. This week...we'll we're flooded to say the least and even had a close call with a tornado last night.

    I think our Mother Nature is a bit bi~polar this year!!! Heeeheheh!

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a fantastic day!!! :o)