Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Wrap Up

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night?

If so, did you watch it with a group of people or stay at home?

Did you partake of typical Super Bowl junk food?

Were you pleased with the outcome?

What did you think of the half-time show?

How about those commercials? Did you have any favorites?

AD and I watched the game at home. I'd kept my team pick to myself until the game was over. As it turned out, AD was rooting for the Giants too.

As far as snacks go, there was some peanuts sitting on the kitchen counter along with some leftover Christmas cookies I'd pulled out of the freezer and some Valentine candies in dishes on the bar.

While we watched "at" the half-time show, we weren't really that interested in seeing it. Instead, we chose to eat supper during that part of the broadcast.

I thought there were some decent commercials but few that compared with commercials of the past.

I didn't keep a list of my favorites but probably the commercial that stands out most in my mind was "Detroit".

Of the ones I can remember and off the top of my head, some of my favorites were (and I apologize to my "cat" friends on this first one) the Dog burying Cat/Doritos commercial, the Ferris Bueller all grown up ad, the Dog getting into shape/VW commercial and the M&M commercial. The Audi/Vampire commercial was mildly amusing in my opinion.

Maybe I missed something but I thought the Coke commercials fell short this year and, being a Ford family, I didn't care for the Chevy Silverado commercial at all.

Oops! I almost forgot about the opening - Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's rendition of America the Beautiful and Kelly Clarkson's National Anthem. I thought they all did a great job!

And finally, hopefully AD's Dallas Cowboys will make it to the big show next year.
Next up - race season!


  1. we watched at home, not really paying the best attention with no special foods whatsoever! I thought Madonna, who is in awesome shape for 53, still looked too old for her performance. She looked sluggish compared to all her young dancers! Being from NY, we wanted the Giants to win so we were glad they did. My husband doesn't like the Patriots at all!

  2. We took care of the two grandkids while their parents went to a church party. Our Super Bowl meal was chili followed by apple pie. We were happy that the Giants won. I have never been a fan of Madonna, however it's amazing to see she is in such great shape at 53.
    Have a great week.


  3. I also wanted the Giants to win. I would have rather seen the Cowboys in there also.
    I did not care for any of the commercials I felt they spent a lot of money for nothing.
    We stayed home since we had a snow storm on sat with 10 of snow.

  4. We haven't even watched it yet! Bah! Know who won, that's all! Too busy ripping up our carpet and moving pipes.

    Come RESCUE ME!


  5. Green Bay and Dallas would be a great game. In fact Green Bay and any other team would be great. We want that trophy back.

  6. I guess that I'm an old guy by now. I've watched ever single one of the Super Bowls.

    I missed the opening songs, my loss. I loved the half time show and missed the gaffe that marred it.

    Heather made her turkey chili. I'm battling a sinus infection so I had only one adult malted beverage. Heather also made another apple pie, and it was great.

    I'm not a Tom Brady fan although I acknowledge that he is a great quarterback. I loved the Giants winning.

    I'm a Cowboy's fan but I've come to realize that the organization is fundamentally flawed and I don't think they'll win a Super Bowl anytime soon.

  7. We stayed home and watched.
    I think Miranda, Blake and Kelly did a great job, too.
    Wasn't too impressed with Madonna.
    I liked that Detroit commercial and wasn't too impressed with Coke either.
    We are Ford fans here, too, so I booed the Chevy commercial.
    My two favorite commercials were the Doritos with the dog that hid the cat collar and Budweiser's "Weego". Both of them cracked me up.

  8. I watched and enjoyed every minute. The commercials did not interest me. I love the shot where the guy set down in the end zone. I was for the Giants as well.

  9. No super bowl party for us. I hate sports and I made the husband watch the game in the rec-room! LOL

  10. We didn't watch. I didn't watch a game all year so I figured - why start now? Plus I was in the middle of a good book :)

    I did hear the National Anthem on the radio the next morning and thought she did an awesome job!!

  11. I must admit my knowledge of American football is minimal however when the superbowl rolls aroung it captures my imagination every year. I was also supporting the Giants.

  12. We opted to have a quiet super bowl this year and it was just Mickey and Me. I did make snacks of wings and swiss cheese dip. Marley ended up having a seizure right before half time which pretty much settled the whole thing for me. I didnt care too much for either team and didnt care who won. I felt overall the commercials were not as great as previous years.

  13. Yep, me too...I felt the Coke commercials fell short. Coke's usually better than that. I wondered if they changed ad companies.

    God bless ya and have yourself a fantabulous kinda weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  14. Of course we watched -- the JERSEY Giants were playing! Actually, this was my year because both my teams made it to the super bowl. Either way, I couldn't lose! :)
    Beer, wings, fresh veggies, spinach dip, miniature sliders and friends and family made for a good time.
    I agree with you, I was disappointed with the commercials this year. I think the half-time shows are over rated.

    Your Friend,

  15. Ah, chicken wings and pizza. Watched the half-time. We thought Madonna's act was amazing. Rooted for the Giants. Would have loved to root for the Packers, but alas, they didn't make it.

  16. No... No.... No... No opinion? No opinion? No! Wondering if your surprise lilies survived. Mine are starting to sprout, way too early but there it is.

  17. I hope you are okay since you've been away for two weeks...take care.